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ET Civilization 96825A by Roberts-The-Vile ET Civilization 96825A by Roberts-The-Vile
(The number designation is meaningless. I just have something against "naming" a completely alien species who we know nothing about.)

I have no serious plans for this thing, really. A compulsion to 'build an alien' has been mounting steadily in me for a long time. So, this is more or less just a doodle that accompanies an idea I've had for awhile that needed to be anchored to something tangible in case I really do decide to create something that has a place for it.

Their home world is a planet-like moon orbiting a central gas-giant similar to Saturn in mass and distance relative to its parent star. It is also similar to Saturn's moon Titan in that it has a very thick and stable atmosphere. The composition of this atmosphere consists of ammonia, nitrogen, hydrocarbons and energy enriched polymers dispersed in its upper strata. These same polymers are also what permitted life to evolve on their world to a point where a stable ecosystem could manifest, whereas Earth life was largely based on folding proteins and the like.

Their biochemistry is too complicated to go into at any length, but is based on fullerines and hydrocarbons. Here are some shorthand notes I made on them:

Extremely long lifespans compared to earth life, and able to withstand extreme cold and complete darkness. Are comfortable with being frozen completely solid for hundreds of years much in the same way we would take a quick three hour nap. Because of this, non-relativistic space travel places no great toll on them physically or psychologically as it would a human being. 500 to 1,000 year journeys are common and considered rather casually paced to the species and little in their society or culture changes whatsoever in such time scales.

Senses primarily based on sonar and echolocation, however do possess a set of simple eyes for use when there are breaks in the atmosphere where light detection becomes useful. Aside from this they are effectively blind, and as a result their language art and aesthetics are derived based on interesting textures, depths and shapes instead of visual symbolism or sight at all. Much of their art may appear grotesque, chaotic, bland or completely incomprehensible. Color plays no role in any of their senses.

Possess a book lung system not entirely unlike terrestrial arachnids.

Technology is heavily based on biotech/nanotech manufacturing where structures are "grown" and cultured over long periods of time instead of built in varying forms of material construction like human technology.

Though not illustrated above, they do use clothing for cultural display and ornamentation similar in only very distant ways to the reasons we wear clothing. It is often very complex in texture and shape because of the nature in which they perceive art and the world around them (see above.)
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Fuiron Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Actually, I would encourage the naming of alien civilizations, no matter how little we know. I think it may lessen the blow of first contact if we have a name for beings that may not even use vocal language.
Also, I think it's amusing that an alien species might not having anything in common with the thing they were named for. Look up Hivers. ^^
OblivionJunkey94 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
now this is a very interesting alien i loves it
KhairulHisham Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011   General Artist
Great design. Looks a lot like a guy I worked with some time back. lol.
haitstu Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
interesting....all seems to real to believe.
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